I◆S◆L◆A – A new series of paintings

In 2015 my Aqua series started catching the attention of people, both in the UK and back in Italy (where I was born 🙂 ), and what was originally a simple pastime to relieve the stress of the chaotic commuting life in London, became for me an urge, an impulse, a creative outlet that was almost necessary, in my everyday life. I realised that painting, exactly like acting and singing, was for me a way to express myself and get in contact with my inner, more intimate elements. That’s when I started to create I◆S◆L◆A.

I◆S◆L◆A is a figurative series of acrylic paintings of canvas, where once again, water takes centre stage. This time we celebrate the ocean and island life… The idea of island as an imaginary reachable place for everyone, a possible utopia of complete communion with Nature, a synchrony of pulses with other human beings, where the motion of the ocean leads and sets the pace.

The island becomes a state of mind, a safe shelter, a trampoline for adventure, a place for freedom. “Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints on the sand are gone.” (Unknown)

All canvas are now available for sale. Contact me for more information, via e-mail or on my Facebook page 🙂



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