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If you happen to be in Walvis Bay, Namibia (I mean, who doesn’t?), and you’re looking for a nice sport activity that can energise you and, at the same time, help you relax your mind, you can’t miss this Quad Biking adventure in the desert. I had never quad biked before, and I was so satisfied, I didn’t want to get off the quad!

The Namib Desert is breathtaking… It’s considered the oldest desert in the world, having endured arid or semi-arid conditions for roughly 55–80 million years. Riding your vehicle up and down these amazing sand dunes is an experience that goes beyond the simple amusement of off-road driving, it gives you a proper sense of freedom.

15894740_10211847061671894_8613653495226075872_n15823280_10211847062191907_5770265436221959405_n - Copy

The instructors will lead and follow your group of bikers throughout the whole experience, stopping three or four times in beautiful viewpoints, so you can take some awesome pictures. (Feel free to take your helmet off for those selfies, so you won’t look like a weird red astronaut. Although with a Moon Instagram filter this would look insanely dope:)


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