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My shop on Redbubble is online!

Hi everyone!

This is an advertising space (I hope you don’t mind) ๐Ÿ˜€

RB profile1

I’m so excited to say that my shop on the platform is finally online and ready! Here you will find novelties, gifts and stationery designed around my art works (at the moment the collection revolves around my series of paintings “Iโ—†Sโ—†Lโ—†A”, but soon I’ll upload new works and create new products! Isn’t it fun? :D).

RB profile2

Click on ‘Shop’ย and browse by Department to find lovely gifts for your loved ones or for yourself, add them to basket and have them delivered to your address in just a few days. The range of available products include bags, mugs, pillow covers, spiral notebooks, clocks, t-shirts, phone cases… I’m already hopelessly in love with these travel mugs:

Although these pillow covers are not too shabby as well:

RB Pillows

And what about tote bags? Don’t they literally shout “I’m on holiday, b**ches!” ?

RB Bags

Well, this wanted to be a teaser, so I’ll not spoil the whole thing further, but I’ll wait for your visit on my Redbubble shop… and feel free to share it with your friends! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you people, have a lovely Sunday!







  1. Your art looks beautiful! I love the colors of the ocean and daydreaming about being at the beach, especially in the cold of winter lol! I will definitely be bookmarking this and coming back!

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