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3 movies I’ve seen and loved in the past month

Hello everyone!

I’m stuck at home with a bad flu… London weather had the best on me and I’m currently stuffing myself with paracetamol and movies on tv… therefore not much wandering lately 😀  But speaking of movies, I want to recommend you these following three that I’ve watched recently on the big screen and that you really shouldn’t miss (click on the titles to watch trailers and enjoy!).


wonder__2017___fanmade__by_mintmovi3-dbebhsjAugust Pullman is a child that one day will become an astronaut. He wears a Nasa helmet all the time and his bed has the coolest duvet cover a kid can ever desire. But before his journey to the moon there’s another important journey he has to get ready for. August was born with facial differences and he went through several surgeries, and this prevented him to attend a mainstream school, being instead homeschooled by his parents. Up until now. Fifth grade seems to be the right moment for August to enter a school community and make friends with children his age, because in fifth grade everyone is “new” and this could help him bonding with the others better. August will have to deal with people’s stares and cruel comments, and kids can be really mean if they want… But August’s journey will show us how choosing to be kind and acceptant, and looking beyond appearences, we can learn to be better human beings and make a huge difference in this world. We can be a wonder.

This movie brought me to tears. I’ve found it so delicate and beautiful and powerful. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson have the talent and humbleness to perfectly portray August’s amazing parents without overpowering , in a story where the protagonists are children and adolescents. The director Stephen Chbosky manages to express and convey all those amplified and complicated feelings and dynamics typical of childhood (being jealous of our best friend, feeling lonely and sometimes inadequate, being mean to try and blend in a community…), giving us the point of view of various characters in the story and adding soft paint brushes to the final big painting that “Wonder” is. We learn a lot during this movie, we are those same pupils sitting in the classes that we see on the screen. On August’s first school day, teacher Mr. Browne writes on the blackboard, as a precept for September, “When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.”. Well, in a world where we constantly shout at each other claiming that we are right, maybe kindness and the willing to listen and know each other better are really the keys for a change.

Film Stars Don’t Die In Liverpool


Don’t miss this movie. Annette Bening is extraordinary in portraying Gloria Grahame, the Hollywood star that starred in films like “Oklahoma!” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. In this movie we see her 25 years after her Hollywood fame: she has been slowly shadowed away from the cruel star system, and now she is renting an apartment in Primrose Hill, while she acts in a theatre production. She meets a young actor, Peter Turner (played by Jamie Bell), and they start a relationship where deep love and devotion get strained by the events of life… Bening’s character tiptoes on Sunset Boulevard with grace and dignity, her whispery voice recalls Marylin Monroe’s and we can’t help falling in love with the woman behind the diva. And we get lost in Jamie Bell’s liquid eyes, so sincere and honest, while they tell us the story of a love that overcomes sickness and death.

– “Tell me how I look”

– “…you look beautiful.”

Call Me By Your Name

call-me-by-your-name-posterMasterpiece. From the 2007’s book by Andre Aciman, “Call Me By Your Name” tells the story of the summer that will change Elio’s life, marking the passage to adulthood and making him experience love, passion and self discovery. In the summer residence of his family, in a sunny Italian setting, every year a student from abroad comes to stay for a couple of months, and Elio’s father helps them with their doctorate work. When Oliver arrives from America, the house and the little village are stirred with curiosity and fascination for the looks and habits of this American guy. We see how Elio evolves from an initial distrust and annoyance into a total and strong feeling of love and desire.

Director Luca Guadagnino (that already amazed me with the movie “I Am Love” with a fantastic Tilda Swinton) creates a movie bursting with visual pleasure and carnal passion, and the beautiful songs by Sufjan Stevens are haunting and sublime. We live the story of Elio and Oliver, we feel their bodies pulse and sweat, we pray that romance will last… Maybe the fly that we see on Elio’s final close-up is the symbol of a summer of youth that will stay on Elio’s skin forever. Surely this is a movie that will stay on our skin long after we watched it.

(Oh, and pay attention on Timothee Chalamet, he is sensational.)



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