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“Creative Journaling for Mindfulness” – The full-length workshop in English

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Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that my workshop “Creative journaling for mindfulness” is finally available in English for purchase in streaming!

What is it?

It’s a 37-minute video-workshop that combines the creative process and the use of artistic techniques such as collage and scrapbooking with the concept of writing a personal diary, highlighting the benefits that these activities together can give to our mental well-being.

In an era dominated by the digital, when moments and memories are entrusted to social media, to the point that they become less and less concrete and tangible, this workshop will bring you back to the concept of recording thoughts and moments on a physical diary. And you will do it creatively, learning and applying artistic techniques that will make your diary a real and personal work of art. But that’s not all. You will learn to savour the creative moment and to rediscover a connection with the present moment. I will suggest exercises and ways to use your creative diary to improve your mental health, if for example you suffer from anxiety or if your mind struggles to find concentration or motivation.


The video-workshop is divided into three sections:

1) Materials and Glossary, with tips and tutorials to create a collection of items to use for your creations;
2) The Creative Zone, where we will see in detail how to compose your creative diary;
3) Creative Diary and Mindfulness: how to use the diary for your mental well-being.

Total duration: 37 min.

How can I purchase it?

There are two ways to purchase the streaming of  “Creative journaling for mindfulness”:

1. Subscribe to my Patreon page, : it’s a fantastic option if you are interested in supporting my art all-round (art/music/blogging) and my projects at a very small monthly cost! Choosing the subscription ALL-ACCESS PATRON (only 8 £ per month) or V.I.P. PATRON (12 £ per month) in fact, you will have full access to the workshop “Creative journaling for mindfulness”, but that’s not all! You will have access to exclusive videos from concerts and performances especially created for my subscribers, full length tutorials and art workshops, backstage and insights on the creation of my content, exclusive video blogs, etc… It is a super convenient option, because the subscription can also be cancelled at any time (if for example after a couple of months you realize that you do not want/ can no longer follow me), without any problem! Lots of projects and content will wait for you weekly on for the little price of one drink per month! 🙂

2. Buy the workshop as a single product: this is the option you can consider if you are interested in this workshop in particular and you’re not interested in supporting my parallel/future projects and/or other workshops created by me. In this case, you can benefit of the 50% summer launch offer and buy it for only 10 £ instead of 20! You just need to send an email of interest to . I will reply with all the details for your payment via Paypal or online banking, following which you will receive the exclusive link to the full workshop video, that you can stream as many times as you want 🙂

“Creative journaling for mindfulness” is waiting for you! Buy it now and recommend it to your friends!

Thank you!


2 Replies to ““Creative Journaling for Mindfulness” – The full-length workshop in English”

  1. Absolutely brilliant workshop! Very inspiring and positive. I love the examples you show and the lovely guidance on how to use creative journaling to help ease anxiety and become more mindful. I really enjoyed watching it this morning and you gave me lots of ideas on how to start creative journaling too. Thank you!! 👌❤️


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